MCR-ARC InstantAtlas Data

What Is InstantAtlas?

InstantAtlas is an interactive, internet-based mapping tool, licensed to and supported by the Missouri Cancer Registry and Research Center, which allows users to visually display data gathered from registry data.

InstantAtlas was designed to present statistics in a more user-friendly way. By using InstantAtlas, information and data can be viewed and displayed in a variety of formats (example: charts, tables, maps), and allows easy comparison of different areas (example: counties, regions, measures, years).

What Are The Benefits?

By providing ready-to-view, customizable graphics and charts, InstantAtlas allows users to:


Age-Adjusted Invasive Cancer Incidence Rates for the Most Recent Data
    These maps have data for four (4) time periods that each include the most recent reportable year (2007; 2005-2007; 2002-2007; 1996-     2007)* **
Age-Adjusted Invasive Cancer Incidence Rates Over Time
    These maps have data for four (4) consecutive three-year periods (1996-1998; 1999-2001; 2002-2004; and 2005-2007)* **

  *Both of the above maps contain the rates for eight (8) sites (All Sites; Female Breast; Cervix; Colon and Rectum; Corpus and Uterus;    NOS; Lung and Bronchus; Prostate; Urinary Bladder). To change the site or time period, click on the 'Data' button located at the top-left of    the screen.

  **Suppression rule: Due to statistical reliability and confidentiality, if count <6, statistics (count,rate,sd,p-value) will be suppressed and if     6<=count<16, the count will be reported but relational statistics (rate,sd,p-value) will be suppressed.


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This project was supported in part by a cooperative agreement between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) (#U58/DP000820-05) and a Surveillance Contract between DHSS and the University of Missouri.