Missouri Cancer Registration Center

Upcoming Events

March 1

NAACCR Webinar - Abstracting and Coding Bootcamp: Cancer Case Scenarios
MCR-ARC, Columbia, MO

March 29 - 30

Workshop: Fundamentals of Abstracting
MCR-ARC, Columbia, MO

April 5

NAACCR Webinar - Collecting Cancer Data: Lip and Oral Cavity
MCR-ARC, Columbia, MO

April 9-13

2018 National Cancer Registrars Week: Hidden Jewels of Cancer Care

April 11

MCR ZOOM Webinar: Lung Cancer Case Review & Exercises using AJCC 8th Edition
Presenter: Babette Langeneckert
MCR-ARC, Columbia, MO

May 3

NAACCR Webinar - Directly Coded Stage
MCR-ARC, Columbia, MO

June 7

NAACCR Webinar - Collecting Cancer Data: Thyroid and Adrenal Gland
MCR-ARC, Columbia, MO

July 12

NAACCR Webinar - Hospital Cancer Registry Operations - Topic TBD
MCR-ARC, Columbia, MO

August 2

NAACCR Webinar - Mulitple Primary and Histology Rules
MCR-ARC, Columbia, MO

September 6

NAACCR Webinar - Coding Pitfalls
MCR-ARC, Columbia, MO

Awareness Months


Cervical Health Awareness


National Colorectal Cancer Awareness


Cancer Control


Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention

June 1

National Cancer Survivors Day


Prostate Cancer Awareness


Breast Cancer Awareness


Lung Cancer Awareness

For a complete listing of 2018 National Health Observances, click here.